Saturday, 7 January 2012

Last Surgeon appt - Jan 7 (Day 244)

Happy New Year to everybody and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays etc. I hope everyone enjoyed their time with their families, I got the chance to do so with my family in Florida, it was great. The weather was at a good 25-28 Celsius and beach time was a given. I just had an ortho appointment and jaw surgeon appointment a few hours apart from each other and here's the quick update.

Ortho - Braces on schedule to be removed in the summer still. He added 2 chains that are 10 teeth across on my bottom and my top teeth. These are meant to squeeze the teeth together and remove gaps between the teeth, and I'm actually feeling a bit of pain from them(that's a first for me.) I'm still using elastics 24/7 to pull the lower jaw back a bit, so I twist them like crazy to increase the tension.

Jaw Surgeon - It was my last appointment with my surgeon! It was far more anticlimactic than thought, primarily because it was another short 2 minute appointment, and on a Friday afternoon where my surgeon was an hour from closing. He basically said the braces have a little more to go, and the bite looks great! It was good to hear that. However, this wasn't going to be the last time I saw him. Since I am applying to dentistry school within 2 years, he agreed to let me shadow him for a day, which is amazing. So I'm going to see him again in March or so.

What's left? - I do indeed still have numbing on the same place on my left chin. It doesn't stress me however and I live life normally. I could probably never heal from this and still not be bothered. However, during our New year's dinner, my cousins let me keep a straggling piece of broccoli on my chin for a good half hour. My uncle came by and said, "Didn't anyone tell you that you have food on your chin?" To which my brother replied that we should take family photos without me knowing. I hope this doesn't happen during really important dinners in my future.

My teeth look real straight and I've become real confident with my smile, and will be more confident once the metal is removed.


Anonymous said...

Hello Gordon,

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! for putting your experience online. This resource has been an invaluable help for me.

Tomorrow will be the 4th week of my surgery (bimaxillary and a genioplasty) and things are going great!!, I'm truly happy with my current result!!. My swelling has gone down and the next week I'm going to start with soft food. My loss weight was minor thanks to the constant help from my family and I'm really comfortable at the moment.

Only minor annoyances like the nose clogging the first days, and the inability to talk and open the mouth freely, were as expected, the main source of discomfort.

If anyone else is hesitant to do this procedure, let me tell you that is very worth the pain.

Again, Gordon, thank you for taking the time and effort for compiling a resource like this.

Greetings from Colombia,

Alex. :)

Norman said...

Hey Gordon,

Just wondering if you could clarify your statement about pulling the lower jaw back using elastics. If elastics can move the jaws, then is surgery necessary? I'm guessing they can only move the jaws (or do they move the teeth?) a few millimeters - not the required amount to get a perfect bite in surgical cases.

Also, is it common that the jaws need to be adjusted after the surgery? The surgery should basically align the jaws perfectly?

Thanks, and great blog! Very helpful and informative!

Gordon said...

Alex - Thank you for your kind words! I must have missed this message and am really late replying, however by know you should be stellar! Definitely the nose clogging is relate able and I feel your pain. I hope it looks great, and it's fantastic to get some Colombian support!

Norman - You got it, braces and elastics can move the jaws, but only a few mm at most, and unless you're lucky, surgery is probably best. Quite frankly, I would choose surgery so that the jaw joint isn't moved and the bone is altered instead.

And I too was stumped why I had braces for so long after the surgery, but I've come to realize that surgery solves the MAJOR problems with the bite, and the little intricate fixes can be done via braces. Since your bite is essentially an elongated semi circle with curves, chances are you cannot make it perfect just through making horizontal/vertical/medial cuts. You make puzzle piece cuts that in the end still will need adjustments of the teeth. Hard to explain but I hope you get the gist of it.