Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Fully Graduated? - 2 years (May 15)

It's official. My retention time at the orthodontist is no more (Well checkups when needed), and I have a certificate to show it, being a member of the order of "Happy Faces". Thank you to Dr. Sue-Lynn Chin, Dr. Martin Chin, and all of their staff for being so accommodating and helpful throughout the process. Looks like I'm on "Demand Recall" meaning that I only need to go in to get my retainer fixed or replaced, since I should be wearing it daily...

This is now over 2 years in the making, and I would like to thank all of you for your support throughout this entire process. On a side note, I have also graduated from Science Kinesiology at McMaster University, so that diploma should be coming in soon as well! Now onto the teeth/jaw stuff you all came here for. Let's start with a little close up.

I can guarantee you with a smile like this thanks to a fitted bite from jaw surgery and aligned teeth from braces,  you will brush and floss like it's part of your survival. I honestly never used to floss often, but I floss daily to 4x a week because it's a shame to see a tasty piece of meat get in the way of the shine coming off these pearls. Might be a bit much of an ego stroke but I've earned it... I know you all will take good care of your teeth at ALL STAGES of jaw surgery/braces/before/after so I'm not worried.

The only issue I have at this stage is that my nerves STILL aren't fully back, but they do tickle when I brush my finger over the area. Is this really an issue? When you have it for so long I barely even notice it, so no. Even if it improved a bit I don't even know if it would make any sort of impact. 

Some tips for teeth care:

- Drink lots of water to keep your mouth clean, your blood flowing, and healthy gums.
- Gum is a great treat post-meals to clean your teeth. Also, it increases stomach acids which can support digestion of the huge meal you just ate.
- Just a warning, I've asked several professionals and those 'whitening gums' don't do jack. The contact time that your teeth have with the active ingredient isn't enough to truly whiten your teeth, so I would not pay the extra cents to get that kind of gum or believe it is doing anything for you. 
- Brushing your teeth immediately after consuming something acidic/right after a meal is slightly harmful to your teeth. Acids make the tooth enamel soft, and the contact from a toothbrush might do some damage. Wait a few minutes, and if you're in a tight squeeze just have some gum instead!
- Eat healthy, consume vitamin C tablets (or just drink juice, eat foods with it) and plenty of vegetables, exercise as often as possible, and your teeth will reflect your good health!

Once again, best of luck to anyone going through this process. There's so much support for you via family, friends, and an excellent and informed online community!


Camilla said...

I had no idea that we shouldn't brush our teeth after eating something acidic - good to know!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, so happy for you..may I know whos ur orthodontist here in Toronto coz im planning to have braces.I have an overbite and might cosider jaw surgery too.Thank you

Gordon said...

Camilla - Yes! There's plenty of evidence suggesting it's not a good idea to brush right away.

And to anonymous I used Dr. Chin in Scarborough. They have pictures of myself there if you ask.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gordon, congrats on your new smile. I'm a journalist with an open bite, and I'm conducting some research both for my own surgery decision and for a piece of longform nonfiction. Would you please email me at

(you can see some of my earlier work at