Friday, 22 July 2011

3rd Last Trip to the OS, and I get the go ahead! - Day 75 (July 22)

 10 Week Post op Pictures.

Saw my surgeon yesterday and got to clear some thing up in our usual 5 minute check up.

Chewing - I don't have to chew up and down anymore, I can basically move my jaw freely(as free as it goes) and therefore grind side to side.
Bands - I don't really have any sort of elastic arrangement anymore. I told him I wear them at night to make sure things move straight and he says that's best.
Exercises - 2 new exercises to work on, now that I'm past 9 weeks +post op

Exercise 1: Isometric: Basically put your fist under your bottom jaw and push your bottom jaw down. You keep your mouth closed so while your jaw is trying to open, your fist keeps it in place.

Exercise 2: Force: From one hand, use your index finger and thumb, force your mouth open, putting some resistance on the joint.

My jaw is still quite sore when I open and close it frequently, so I'll give these some time. Range of motion is coming back, but every week it has improved.

Lastly, I asked him the big question: Can I play soccer?

... he said yes! Knowing Tocchio he's very liberal and has been with my surgery, so he advised with a grain of salt not to go full out. I'm playing soccer this Saturday, I can't wait.


annafaith said...

Yay, lots of good news there Gordan, seems like it's all working out for you. Do you have any numbess left anywhere?
best wishes x

Gordon said...

Hey Anna,

Thanks, I do have some numbness remaining. Below my lower lip it's still very numb, and between my nose it's sensitive. Otherwise, most of my face has feeling. Right on my lips however, tingle incessantly when I touch them. It's sort of annoying but it's such a habit to poke myself, haha.

Here's to a smooth recovery for your 2nd fix up! And for you catching on to it!