Friday, 15 July 2011

Hey wake up! - Day 68(July 15)

Quick update here.

My lips tingle constantly when they are touched, sending a nerve throughout my chin. In my spare time I will be repeatedly tapping my lips with my index and middle finger. It's completely odd looking in public. I don't know if that speeds it up but it's a developed habit.

When I eat, I get full now, thank goodness. I also didn't overgorge myself like I thought I would because my stomach has been growing slowly. It makes me a slow eater too and when you eat slowly your brain processes the eating and regulates your pace. The good thing is that weight is coming back because my diet is improving, although very slowly. There is a lot less lip biting, however it's been a conscious effort when eating to stop sticking my bottom lip on top of my incisor(I used to pull my lips back with my underbite when eating) which is my sharpest tooth. The damage done to my lip is going to take a while to recover.

Also, when I eat food and it runs down my chin, it's hard to notice. Expect to wipe your chin frequently just anticipating drool and crumbs to be dangling.


bracedmom said...

Tingling is a great sign for nerve regeneration/return! Hang in there :)

Anonymous said...


I'm 71 days postop today and you're blog has been really helpful! I was wondering about this "tingling nerve" feeling.. I've had it start maybe a month ago on the corner of my lip. Now the tingling has spread to mid-lip downwards to half my chin while the other side of my lip/chin is still completely dead. This feeling is driving me crazy.. I was wondering when it started to feel more normal for you?