Thursday, 2 June 2011

Slowly but Surely - Day 25 (June 2)

I've posted 3 week post op pictures in the "before and after" page on the right side of this page. 

First of all, this silly Blogger doesn't let you post comments(at least for me) on other people's blogs. It basically just refreshes the page and deletes everything I typed! I hope people aren't having the same issue. 

I'm now 25 days in and I think I've gotten an idea of what my new look is like. I think it may be okay to frequent public a little more without feeling self conscious since it doesn't look too bad. It does however feel strange knowing that several days ago your face was exploding out of your skin. I still hope that the puffy michelin man looking me goes down in some areas, but the gist of it is here.

I'm also healing quite well. No bruising or anything left. Oh, and did I say that I teethe like a baby now? It drives me batty.

If anyone has ever seen man vs. food on the outdoor network, you get hungry. Personally I find new things to get angry at. How about a Man vs. Smoothie?

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