Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Sneeze - Day 27 (June 4)

Today I sneezed.  It all happened so fast, and after that I was just amazed it happened for a solid minute. For the record, no sneezing has been done since May 9. What this means in terms of progress, I don't know, but for this whole time that need to sneeze has been suppressed during recovery. I was actually stunned after it happened because it hasn't happened for so long. Weird.

Apparently, I look like a totally different person. It hasn't sunk in yet, but when I had a discussion with someone I hadn't seen for a year, he thought I was one of my brothers that he hadn't met yet. When I said it was me and he finally believed me, he was in belief that it was cosmetic, which I had to convince him otherwise. I'm actually curious who's going to recognize me when I go back to school in September. I just don't want to do this dance with every friend I meet again and again. I'm sure that once I see more people that I know they will give me better affirmation of how drastic this little change is. The current sample size I have used is too small, to be fair.

I'm now adding chicken vienna sausages to my diet. They filled my meat craving pretty well today. The good thing is that if you boil them, these can be really soft and when cut in half fit right between my teeth. I've also come to the conclusion that my stomach has shrunk a little bit with this surgery. I barely finished the can(well after some oatmeal)

Also, remember to take a multivitamin and any other supplements you choose to on the side. Getting the right nutrition, even if pill form helps speed up the recovery. I feel like it's really helping me get back to my normal self quicker. Mucho recommended.


Lana said...

Hi Gordon!
You look great! I will be undergoing jaw surgery probably in the next year since I just got braces a few weeks ago. My oral surgeon is also Dr. Tocchio! My orthodontist says I will be ready for it next year or next Christmas.

Anyways, since we have the same surgeon, I was wondering how long it took you to get your appointment... Like do I have to book it a year in advance? Also, how long did you have your braces before you had the surgery?

Gordon said...

Hey Lana,

Thanks. I had a consultation with Tocchio around the time I had braces just to see if he was the right surgeon or not and what he had in mind in terms of surgery.

I had braces for a year, and after that my ortho and Dr. Tocchio came to the conclusion that I was ready for surgery, and I was able to book it(since I was on the waiting list). I would try and get onto the waiting list as soon as you can now because Tocchio is in high demand. I also was able to book more freely in May since the demand for high school kids is in July/August. If you aren't in high school it makes things a lot easier when the time comes to get a surgery date.

Braces really aren't that annoying. After 2-3 weeks I was completely used to them.

Lana said...

Hey Gordon!

It's Lana again. I've been on the waiting list for a couple months now. But I just want to know what the process is like. Do I have to keep contacting Dr. Tocchio's office or will they call me to give a tentative date for surgery?

Gordon said...

Hey Lana,

I'm assuming you've already had your consultation. If you're on the waiting list they will contact you.

If you get worried you're not being contacted, you can always contact his office and they'll re-check your status. Also, your ortho has to make sure you are ready for surgery when you do get the go ahead.

Keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gordon, I could like to ask you some questions, I am on the waitting list for sept. However its now end of Aug. but they still did not confirm with a date of the surgrey. How long it takes you to get confirmed? Like a month ahead or few weeks ahead? Thank you!

Gordon said...

Hey I got my surgery date pretty quickly because I had my surgery is may, which isn't as busy when people from high school typically take most of the summer spots. I waited 2-3 weeks if I recall.

Your position might be a little bit different so I can't be sure on how long until they give you a date, sorry. :(