Sunday, 22 May 2011

2 week Anniversary! - Day 14 (May 22)

I've finally hit the 2 mark and I would like to thank everyone who has taken a read of this blog! Really thanks a lot, if it was just looking at the pictures, reading an entry, or reading the entire thing I appreciate it! The cool thing about blogspot is that it lets you see which countries have been reading the blog. Although most of my views are Canadian, I'm getting plenty of views from the US, UK, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany and France just to name a few! Thanks to all of you!

I'm now 2 weeks in and everything is getting better. Sleep is now extending past 8 hours+, there was no huge rapture yesterday, smoothies aren't tasting so bad, and I went out for a half an hour bike ride yesterday around the neighbourhood.

For the 2 week mark I managed to go through the camera and find my pre operation pictures as well as the 1 week post op photos.I hope you all can tell the difference between the befores and afters. My swelling has gone down much since week 1 thankfully.


 After 1 week:

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