Saturday, 28 May 2011

Pizza Torture - Day 20 (May 28)

Now that my splint off, I have a pretty good idea of what my new smile is going to look like with my teeth finally lined up and my top teeth touching the bottom ones. I'm just sort of amazed, I haven't really taken it all in yet.  I'm also paranoid that my teeth are not lined up, even though my teeth probably are. For those reasons combined, I will catch myself looking in the mirror and doing a close up my teeth often. Quite frequently actually, as if I'm that vain, haha.

I'm also trying to come to grips on why I'm not really eating food like I used to, since heck, nothing is really stopping me since there's no hardware in my mouth preventing me anymore. I used to blame the splint, but now, it's just my teeth vs. the food, and I still can't really attack soft foods yet. I've realized it's because my jaw joints are still weak, I have to chew up and down(the bones aren't settled), and my top lip muscles are still really quite swollen and moving them is still quite the challenge. They are so numbed, I can only imagine botox to be something similar. I tried a mini french cruller donut yesterday and it was basically me smiling and moving my teeth up and down, and I made a mess. Try chewing only up and down, not side to side, it's impossible!

Now, today my grandpa wanted pizza and so my brother called it in. It just so happened my brother had to leave right then, and everyone else in my family was out of the house. I realized the hole I dug here. I had to pick up the pizza. So I drove to Metro's to pick it up. When I got to the front for pick up, I must have said my name 4 times before the lady put the name to the pizza waiting there. I got it, I'm still hard to understand. She then asked me if I had air miles, but I couldn't understand her for 3 tries(she had an accent, my ears are fine) so I guess we're even. The worst part was the smell. I am a pizza fiend. I drove back home basking in scent of freshly baked meat pizza knowing fully well I can't destroy it with my teeth. You know when you pick up food and the drive home makes you crazy? Well continue that feeling to now where I bring it home and can't eat it. The feeling lasts forever.

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