Friday, 20 May 2011

Season Finales - Day 12 (May 20)

So as I sit in my reclining chair daily and watch endless episodes of tv shows a lot of them are coming to a close. "The Office" had its finale last night, and the other day "Castle" had its finale as well. I very much enjoy being a couch potato! Why is the universe trying to stop this?

I went to see my surgeon this morning, and probably had a 2 minute appointment. He gave me some great news. He said that I can get my splint off next Friday! For those of you who don't know what a splint is:

My splint is actually a lot thicker than the one in the picture - Once I get it out I will take a picture of it.
A splint is worn much like a retainer on the top teeth in the mouth. It has molds on the top and bottom of the plastic so that your bite for your top and bottom teeth are flush. For example, when my bottom teeth move up to touch my top teeth, it will meet the splint, which has little indentations for my bottom teeth to bite into.  It's pretty thick and it definitely takes up a lot of space in the mouth.

This will open up a lot of space in my mouth, and finally give me the chance to try my new bite out for once and see what it's like to have one set of teeth on top of another!

I also tried to eat scrambled eggs last night. What a mess, I was basically opening my jaw the tiny bit it could, and pushing with a fork the eggs through. All I could do was swallow, and it wasn't all that great. I ate very little so I think I'm sticking to liquids until next week where I will give it another go.

The plan is to drink upwards of 2.5L+ a day and continuous lip exercising so I'm ready to go for next week!

 My left side is much more swollen than my right. My mom asked me yesterday if this is pretty much how I will look forever. Oh lord.

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