Sunday, 15 May 2011

Getting Better - Day 7 (May 15)

So I've made it to the 1 week mark! I'd have to say things are not as bad anymore and I'm beginning to reach the clear - well I think. I'm going to have my brother get some better profile pictures of me later on today.

I slept way better for one. I had about an 8 hour sleep and woke up once in between that slumber. I think the longest I've slept is about 5 hours and I think I hit that record last night.

I've now lost 15 pounds over this past week. Yikes. I need some food pronto
Had a Boost and some fruit juice on the side this morning for breakfast, and it was quite bearable.

My top lip is also becoming really tingly. A lot of feeling is returning and I occasionally have the urge to scratch it, and when I'm about to I realize:"Hey, I'm numb there." My swelling at my neck has also started to go down. As you can see, my neck is yellow under the big bruise. It goes down to about the top of my chest muscle 'cleavage' and stops around there. I think it's healing quite well. :)

Playstation network is also back up! I should be gaming all day! 

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