Friday, 13 May 2011

Time to get a Boost - Day 5 (May 13)

This morning I got to see my surgeon for a few minutes, and boy was it productive. I managed to take an x-ray when I got there, and I was pretty much hyperventilating. Then the magic happened. Using some Q-Tips jammed up my nose, and a nurse to vacuum, Doc must have unlodged the biggest boogars I have ever seen. It was clearly the reason my breathing was hampered and I couldn't have been more proud of their sheer size. I swear one had a diameter of 2 cm.

Some things Doc told me:

Swelling has probably already hit its peak yesterday(day 4) and should begin to subside
Remember to breathe from the lungs

Anyways, following that we picked up some Boost Plus on the way home and I managed to put it down via syringe. It tasted much better than the typical juice and water - although it was much thicker, and I noticed the consistency change instantly.

Anyways I go back to the Doc in 5 days, I hope I can withstand nose blockages for that long!


Anonymous said...

Hi Gordon,
Thank you for documenting your journey on this blog! I'm also a student from Toronto and am planning on getting upper jaw surgery. My biggest problem is the timing. I am hoping to get the surgery done in May when school is done (I don't have braces on yet but my teeth are not too far from straight and will probably get them within a month from now). However, I get really bad allergies during April-May. Do you think it would be a bad time to get this type of surgery because I usually have to blow my nose several times a day? I really want to have it done before September 2012 because I will be back at school and want all of the recovery to be over by then. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated :)
Thanks again for your blog,

Gordon said...

Hey Wanda,

I got my surgery in May 2011 and had braces in July 2010, and my teeth were straight as well.

In between weighing allergies vs. timing, timing is more important. My allergies were really bad going into this surgery(and still are, it's improved slightly), and it did add some discomfort to the surgery, because as you know, upper jaw surgery does go into the sinuses more than lower jaw surgery. Breathing was definitely the most difficult part of the surgery but I made it through. My oral surgeon prescribed me benadryl while I was in the hospital, it was just important that it was taken.

In summary, my belief would be to get the surgery done in may because it makes the school year that much easier. I definitely needed the time off, and summer was perfect, regardless of the discomforts.

Best of luck!