Wednesday, 11 May 2011

TIme to leave! - Day 3(May 11)

On my Day 2 I was progressively getting worse because I was accumulating liquid in my sinuses and I was becoming more and more reliant on mouth breathing. It got pretty bad, but eventually my oral surgeon came by after he was done and cleaned me up with a bit of hydrogen peroxide in the nose(for blood clots) and then used my suction tube and attached a thin small tube to suck out my sinus cavities. It helped a lot, and I slept that night. Dr. Tocchio saved me from hitting the wall, because at my breathing rate I was not going to sleep that night.

My sleep on the 2nd night was actually decent! I slept for 3 hour intervals. My surgeon also put half popsicle sticks in my mouth to keep it open. It helped with the breathing at the cost of a dry tongue. It was worth it.

Here's a picture of me on the 3rd day. I'm going to be discharged soon

The swelling has gone down, it may be hard to see but I barely feel any pain, just from my skin being stretched out if I try and touch it,

Anyhow I'm going to stick to clear fluids to help things flow through my system. Will keep updating.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm wondering about your general stay in the hospital. I am having this surgery done in less than 3 weeks and am just wondering how to spend my time in the recovery. The doctor is debating between double or single jaw surgery (the gap is just a tad too much to move for my underbite). Were you awake or knocked out from the pain meds?

Gordon said...

Hey anonymous,

Plan what you're going to do when recovering ahead of time, this means things like watching movies, doing work, walking the dog, etc.

Listen to the surgeon in terms of either single or double jaw surgery. Single jaw recovery is a lot faster, but if double is what the doctor wants, do it. I was knocked out from pain meds during the surgery but after I did not need much of the codeine prescribed by the surgeon.