Sunday, 29 May 2011

3 weeks post op! - day 21 (May 29)

 I've now hit the 3 week mark! I'd have to say that when I was on day 1 this seemed like a time far, far away, but I'm here. The worst was definitely my first 5-6 days, but now that I can really sleep for 8-10 hours without waking up for antibiotics, and breathe like I should again, I feel like the days aren't dragging on. What a relief.

Talking about breathing, it just so happens that when you have an upper jaw surgery and your palate is moved around, it affects your nose. When your top jaw is brought forward your nose will likely stick up a bit, and when it is expanded it will widen your nose, which is what the surgeon told me. My nostrils feel like they are bigger, and because of that, more air. I'm slowly converting from a mouth breather to a nose breather, such a cool process, and it feels more natural.

My stitches are also starting to come out. I had one outside of my teeth on the bottom and top lip inside my mouth. The top one fell out, and my surgeon cut the bottom one so that the little string part isn't hanging out. Nice.

I'm back to brushing my teeth again twice a day. I can stick my index finger into my mouth, but that's not enough to get my toothbrush all the way in. I can brush the outsides of my teeth and the middle?(part that makes contact with food) but not the inside of my teeth. I can use regular listerine now so it's a pretty thorough brushing. My breath smells minty fresh now on the reg.

If I haven't said it before. This is the best weight loss program ever invented. Thankfully I have hit a plateau and am not losing anymore weight. I've lost 17 pounds since day 8. Ever since then I've managed to stay at this low weight. Haven't went up, haven't went down, and I'm drinking 2 ice cream smoothies a day and a chicken soup with enough peas and carrots to feed an army.  Atkins has nothing on me. Do I crave food? Yes, but liquids in the interim keep me full. I've decided to not attribute negatives to my favourite foods, because when I get out of here, I want to really enjoy my first bite of a Burger King/McDonalds/5 guys/Harveys/Wendys I haven't decided yet Burger. If I train my mind to hate these things, I might not like them(such a flawed logic but I've thought about this a lot). I'd rather just stay positive and love my banana nutella smoothies and keep my mind on these foods.Needless to say, I am light as a feather, I can see my 6 pack, and am pretty well toned. I've also managed to swallow my multivitamins today! Butter me, I'm on a roll.(And wouldn't mind eating one)

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