Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Introducing the Drool towel - Day 10 (May 18)

It's not jaw dropping, but the ability to open your mouth barely the diameter of a pinky makes life easier! Breathing has now opened through another dimension, and when I drink and open my mouth I can fit a lot of liquid down a lot easier. 11 days ago this would not have thrilled me, but these tiny things do now. Hurray?

Have you ever noticed how tantalizing those late night burger commercials are? Holy cow those ads have people in my position wrapped around their fingertips. Used to before I had the jaw surgery, and still does. I salivated back then, and I salivate a lot extra now. Did I tell you that I drool? I drool like a dog with rabies on a hot summer day. For that reason to save tissues I have now wrapped a towel around my neck. It is glorious. Probably the best recent invention for some time. Not attractive, but very practical. Heck, it's practically a snuggie.

I'm still sleeping in my reclining chair, although my surgeon said I can go back to a bed in a day or 2. The reason people sleep upwards is to decrease facial swelling by keeping your face above your heart.

Facial swelling is also going down still. My left side for some reason is much bigger than my right side in puffiness.

I've sort of hit a weight loss plateau at about 16 pounds. I've decided to have a fattening smoothie every morning. Guaranteed banana and scoop of ice cream in every one. Sounds good to me.

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