Thursday, 5 May 2011

Captain Hook's Revenge!. + Last Supper. Day -4 (May 5)

Today I had my last appointment pre-surgery with the orthodontist, and it was pretty eventful. I had final pictures done of my mouth, and then the hooks were administered! How many? 10. They had to fetch some from the storage since they didn't have enough on hand.

I don't know if you can see them but they are in between each bracket and sit on the wire of my braces. 5 on the top, 5 on the bottom. This picture also shows how off my midline is if you look at the 2 middle hooks. It feels like having braces all over again, you get that funny sensation of licking something on your teeth that isn't usually there. These hooks catch food. Then again, they're freaking hooks. These are meant to keep me wired shut in tandem with the screws during the soft food era post jaw surgery. Speaking of that...

In this post I'll be covering:

1. Prep for surgery
2. Surgery Prep and Timing
3. Diet post surgery
4. Last Meal

1. On Pre-Op day(which was april 19) One of the biggest things that the nurse stressed was to avoid consuming foods/pills that could interfere with the medications. Since the surgery is on may 9, a week before I wasn't allowed to take Vitamins, Supplements, Green tea, herbal tea, Aspirin/Advil(anti-inflammatory). Apparently I also couldn't take protein shakes, and creatine as well. I did talk to the Anesthesiologist and I negotiated a deal to have protein up to 3 days before surgery so I could still attempt to put on some muscle mass(which would just be wasted, but I would think would slow the process down.) Anyhow the plan is to just eat whatever I want, whenever I want to put on weight.

2. On May 9th Surgery happens for me at 12:30 pm. My surgeon said that I am the 3rd case for him that day! He's apparently going to be real warmed up by that time, or exhausted. Anyways they want me in 1 and half hours early for surgery. Surgery is 2 and a half hours. After surgery, vitals are monitored in a recovery room for 2 hours, and following that I get moved to my hospital bed where I spend 2 nights. I'm bringing my laptop and plan on killing time as if it was exam period. 

3.Diet. I don't miss food now but I feel like I am really taking it for granted. The evolution of food from being wired is as follows:
  • Clear Liquid Diet
  • High Protein/High Calorie Liquid Diet
  • High Protein High Calorie Blended Diet
  • Soft Diet
  • Regular Diet
Now I was given a small little booklet outlining how I should eat, what some suggested drinks are, and tips for consumption. Quite frankly, these pictures of different age/race/sex people smiling about how great their life is does nothing to ease my worry about eating!  It says it is common for most people to lose 2-3 pounds a week. If you lose 5 or more to contact your doctor.  Okay, let's hope I'm not the outlier.

For now I'll give an example of the 'Clear Liquid Diet' Since that is what I will encounter first. This is what I drink during the hospital stay and consists of foods like fruit juices, beef broth, jell-0, tea, and coffee. It's like drinking straight up water and sugar all day. That may make a child happy but I'm gonna suffer. BAh.

4. On a bright note, my last meal has been determined!

None other than Obama's burger joint of choice...

I plan on making it Five Guys Burger and Fries! If you haven't heard of it because you live in Canada it is because this chain originated from the states and has opened up 1 location in Canada. Men's Health Magazine deems it unhealthy, making this my perfect last supper! My goal is to make it a 2000kcal+ meal. I will twitter a picture of this massive meal fo sho.

This is likely my last post before surgery. Wish me luck

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