Saturday, 21 May 2011

Amazing weather, public appearance? And AWESOME X RAY! - Day 13 (May 21)

Today is a rocking day at 24 degrees celsius. So far this summer has been pretty gloomy and I am contemplating going outside to mow the lawn or catch some rays. Should I take my skinny emaciated self outside? Still deciding. I've also hit a routine in terms of meals of Smoothie breakfast, yoghurt lunch, and smoothie dinner. I am not the greatest chef and this is the limits of my skills. I can't wait to start some 'soft foods' when I get my splint off next Friday. Actually my surgeon Dr. Tocchio is a bad ass. For one he is exceptional at putting my nose chin, and jaw together. Secondly, yesterday when he told me that I can get my splint off next week I told him how I have read in other blogs that a lot of other people seem to get them in off in their 4th or 5th week. He just replied, 'but I'm not their surgeon.' Mad respect my man. He also said I am recovering really quickly and my jaw is quite lined up with my constant elastic use. It is true that you must be really diligent with these elastics, to keep the midline of your teeth in check. I also am guessing that it keeps your muscles lined up for when your mouth starts healing up. He also reminded me to constantly pucker your lips to work my muscles which is excellent advice. I read on that stretching your mouth muscles like you are whistling(essentially the same action) helps break up scar tissue and strengthens your jaw muscles. Neat.

Now, brace for yourself for this.

This is my X-Ray of my new jaw. As you can see I've got 2 screws in the chin,3 screws in my right jaw, 4 screws in my left jaw and an undiscernable amount in my top. What amazes me is how my teeth are finally lined up, including my back teeth! I don't have my pre operation x ray on me, but when I do I will make a post on my before and after. 

And my daily headshot. I'm going to keep a nice collection for at least 90 days. That's the goal.

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